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Nice way to start 2015: Passing the Salesforce Advanced Administrator exam.


For the past few weeks, while the family was eating, drinking and having fun over the holidays, I was actually preparing myself for the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator exam.

Maybe this seems a bit dorky to you, but I was actually having fun too ????

Discovering functionality that I hadn’t used before, playing with it in a developer org, making notes, trying out some own ideas tweaking the exercises… that’s just pure fun isn’t it?!

And well… all this studying paid of and I started the New Year with my First New Year’s resolution fulfilled: Passing the Advanced Admin exam today!

I learned it on my own and I followed the Study Guide resources as a preparation for the exam:

  • Online course: Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins
  • Online course: Setting Up Salesforce CRM Content
  • Online course: Administering Salesforce Knowledge
  • Online course: Administering Entitlements (had quite a few questions about this ???? )
  • Online course: Setting Up Collaborative Forecasts (watch out for this!! There are some questions about the differences between Collaborative Forecasting and Customizable Forecasting and the limitations of each. So add this page to your study notes !!)

Reviewed my earlier Admin 201 preparation notes again just to be sure ????

I have to say that even though I felt quite confident going to the exam I was actually surprised about the difficulty level of the questions. There were a few brainteasers to say the least. I had to mark about 12 questions for review, because I was hesitating between some of the given options.

But then again, you can eliminate some of those stinky answers just by using your brain and experience with the platform.

There was one thing that really took me by surprise, there were questions about Live Agent (chat function) and a lot of Service related questions which weren’t mentioned in the study guide. Luckily for me I had some experience with those features from my day-to-day job. But you might want to do the exercises from the Service Cloud Workbook, just to be sure ????

So, now that I passed the administrator, advanced administrator and developer certifications, my boss has challenged me to become a Certified Advanced Developer by the end of the year… Challenge Accepted!

So for me that will be my New Year’s resolution for 2015 getting Advanced Developer certified. Don’t really know how I’m gonna do it, having no prior programming experience whatsoever except writing some basic triggers and tweaking some code from other developers, but I’m always up for a challenge ????

So I guess I’ll start rereading David Liu’s blog, earn some trailhead badges and start reading some Java books ????

Like David always says: “Everyone can learn to code!”

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