Renewed as Salesforce MVP. Thank YOU!

I’m so happy and thankful to have been renewed as a Salesforce MVP for a third year!

Getting this email in my inbox, blows my mind each and every time again 😉

I was lucky enough 10 years ago, that something called ‘Salesforce’ crossed my path and that I have gotten to know the Trailblazer Community.

For years, Community Leaders and Salesforce MVPs have been an inspiration to me, while being on my learning journey. They have helped me, befriended me and inspired me in more ways than I can express. 

Don’t know what a Salesforce MVP is?

Salesforce MVPs have several characteristics that make them stand out as leaders within the Trailblazer Community. Such as Expertise, Generosity, Leadership, and Advocacy. They contribute and respond openly and actively to help others succeed!

They are Trailblazers who go above and beyond to help the Salesforce community learn, connect, have fun, and give back together. 

It’s so heartwarming to know that even Salesforce and Community Management created a surprisingly nice video and put their valuable time and effort in their announcement today=> full post on the Salesforce blog. Thank you Trailblazer Community Team!!

So, you can guess that if you read what a Salesforce MVP stands for, I really consider it a real honor to be included in this inspiring group of Salesforce enthusiasts.

When looking back at 2019 I’ve done many wonderful things and being an MVP granted me lots of opportunities. Some achievements:

✅ Certified Identity & Access Management

✅ Certified Systems Architect

✅ Certified Education Cloud Consultant

✅Co-Organised Belgium Community Group events with Michaël De Feyter ☁

✅ Became a member of Salesforce Platform Advisory Board

✅ Published the Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification Guide with Gunther Roskams (available for purchase Packt)

✅ Co-Organised the first DutchSFCommunity lead event YeurDreamin with Andre van Kampen Paul Ginsberg Sergey Erlikh Kevin Jackson Kathryn Chlosta Michaël De Feyter ☁ and many more… ! (Ticket sales still open for June 19th 2020 😋👍)

✅ Recording of a #sfplaybyplay about Demystifying #SalesforceCPQ with Don Robins for Pluralsight

✅Attended #Dreamforce and met many more Salesforce Enthusiasts at #TrailblazerCommunity

I can’t thank everyone who supported and nominated me enough. I promise to keep sharing my passion, knowledge, expertise, and love with each and every one of you!