Resources for Passing the Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist Exam

Most of you know I love working with Salesforce CPQ and for a short time also Salesforce Billing. If you don’t know what the new Salesforce Quote-To-Cash is and why I like it so much then read my blogpost on it.

Beginning of February I had the chance to participate in the Beta Exam for the new Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist certification exam. Having passed 6 Salesforce certifications at first try, having followed the Steelbrick CPQ Technical Training course, passing the CPQ Brown Belt accreditation and having more than 7 months experience in assessing & implementing Salesforce CPQ configurations, I thought it would be a walk in the park… Well I guessed wrong,…VERY WRONG! I failed a Salesforce exam for the first time. Major Bummer! But I’m not ashamed of it 😉

I’ll share with you what resources I used to pass the Salesforce CPQ Specialist Exam!

Salesforce CPQ

Actually it did not come as a surprise because when I came out of the exam room I just knew I didn’t pass, but because it was a beta we would only get our results after 2 months. 2 months of waiting and being completely baffled by the level of detail and complexity those 110 questions were, including calculations with block prices (type slab) and discount schedules with quantities in each slab and having percentages like 12.5% and 15% and not being able to use a calculator??! In this day and age?? I can honestly say I’m not bad at math but it has been more than 18 years since I had to perform manual division with pencil and a paper 😉 I lost a lot of time at those exercises and couldn’t finish responding to all questions within the given time. 8 questions unanswered and time was up… this never happened before 🙁

So when approximately 2 months passed and I received my negative results I wasn’t surprised, on the contrary, I gained extra motivation to pass this exam as soon as it would be made publically available to register again.

And yes about 2 weeks ago Salesforce announced this new certification was open for registration and I immediately registered and booked a seat for today, but this time I would be EXTRA prepared! This would not happen again and I want you to be prepared also!

Oh yeah and by the way I PASSED 😉 I am now a Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist… #OVERJOYED

So for that reason, I ‘ll list some resources for you to study and prepare yourself for this exam, but be aware of the following:

  • Do not only read the resources listed underneath, but you’ll also need to understand the concepts very well!
  • Theory only will not get you to pass this exam, at least spin up a dev org and install CPQ and try configuring some bundles, quote them, make sure to create a quote template including Terms and Conditions! You can find the download links to the latest CPQ version here.
  • If possible and you have access to partner training or premier training follow the Steelbrick Learning Pathway
  • If you see any links to other articles within the articles hereunder, click through and read them! 
  • If an article contains a video, watch the video!
  • Get into the details!

So here are the resources that can help you study for the Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist exam and without revealing any questions I’ve put 1, 2 or 3 exclamation marks for subjects on which I received questions and how many questions. So !!! means multiple questions or very detailed questions.



UPDATED 15/02/2020: I was honored by Don Robins to record a Pluralsight Salesforce Play-By-Play Course: Demystifying Salesforce CPQ. Check it out now!

  • Access the official Study Guide
  • Trailhead CPQ Basics
  • Adding Features
  • Adding Options
  • Changing Option Selection Method!
  • Controlling when Bundle Configuration is Required
  • An Overview of Product Bundles
  • Adding Option Constraints
  • Check Prior Purchases & Option Constraints (To Avoid Creating Product Rules) !!!
  • Product Validation Rules!
  • Configuration Selection Rules !!
  • Alert Rules!
  • Overview of Product Rules
  • Create a Product Rule Based on a Prior Purchase!
  • Product Actions!
  • Configuration Attributes
  • Price Rules from Configuration Attribute !
  • Configuration Attribute Layouts
  • Hiding Options in Configurator !!
  • Auto-Mapping: Twin Fields!
  • Auto-Mapping: Twin Fields Q&A!
  • Bundle & Feature Level Field Sets
  • Product Managed Fields
  • Smart Start
  • Setting Configuration Type!
  • Package Product Code !!
  • Package Product Description
  • Subscription Pricing
  • Guided Selling Overview
  • Building a Workflow to Map Quote Process
  • Dynamic Questions in Guided Selling
  • Guided Selling Use Case!
  • Custom Actions!
  • Search Filters!
  • Dynamically Displaying Quote Line Columns!
  • Draft Watermark Added to Quote PDF
  • Creating Template Sections!
  • Translating Quote Templates
  • Quote Template Fields
  • Setting Document Output Formats !
  • Creating Dynamic Proposals !!
  • Custom HTML Template Content Troubleshooting!
  • Receiving error when previewing Quote Template: Invalid conversion from runtime type Boolean String
  • Create Template Content
  • Multiple Quote Term Sections
  • Building Quote Term Conditions
  • Creating Standard Terms!
  • Lock Quote Term from Edits
  • Merge Fields!
  • Generate Documents!
  • Filtering Line Items to Display in Separate Sections
  • Line Item Groups !!
  • Automatically Grouping Line Items in Quote Templates!
  • Configure Quote Line Item Columns!
  • Block Pricing !!
  • Discount Methods: Discount Schedules Overview !!!
  • Combine Block Pricing with Discount Schedules !!!
  • Percent of Total Pricing !!!
  • Cost & Markup Pricing
  • Price Rules 1 – Overview, Price Conditions & Price Actions !!!
  • Lookup Object / Table !!!
  • Real-Time Price Rules in Configuration !!
  • Writing Advanced-Calculator-Compatible Formulas
  • Overview of Product Pricing !!!
  • Quote Line Managed Fields!
  • Adding Summary Variable
  • Original Price – MSRP Pricing !!!
  • User-Defined Discount Schedules
  • Discount Methods: Discount Schedules Overview!
  • Multi-Dimensional Quoting (MDQ) !
  • Configure Steelbrick CPQ Package-Level Settings !!
  • Making MDQ Products Appear in the Standard Table by Default
  • Segmented Products: Yearly
  • Custom Segments in MDQ !!
  • Quote Line Managed Fields!
  • Monthly & Daily Prorate Precision !!
  • Subscription Pricing!
  • Effective Quantity
  • Discount Methods: Partner Discounts
  • Quote Calculation & Triggering Calculations !!
  • Contracted Pricing!
  • Ignore Parent Contracted Prices!
  • Auto-Generating a Contracted Price 
  • Change Auto-Populate Behavior in New Quotes
  • Opportunity Products Troubleshooting!
  • Edit Lines Page!
  • Bundle & Feature Level Field Sets!
  • Quote Line Editor Overview
  • Permissions on Profiles!
  • Field-Level Security
  • Contracts Overview!
  • Contracting Assets
  • Renewal Overview 1 – Setup !!
  • Preserve Bundle Structure on Renewal Quotes
  • Asset Amendments!
  • Localization with SteelBrick – Translation Overview!

I hope you will be well prepared for this exam and I wish you lots of success!

UPDATED 15/02/2020: I was honored by Don Robins to record a Pluralsight Salesforce Play-By-Play Course: Demystifying Salesforce CPQ. Check it out now!