UPDATED Study Resources Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification!!

So, I had one of the most-read blog posts from the last 2 years, ever since Salesforce acquired Steelbrick CPQ: Tips for passing the Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification

My post was even referenced in the Offical Salesforce CPQ Admin Essentials for Experienced Administrators (CPQ-211) course, which was an honor for me, for the time it lasted 😉

But Last month Salesforce decided to decommission the old Steelbrick Community to which almost all my links were pointing, so that post became totally useless now 🙁 #SadFace and integrate it all into the Help and Training portal for CPQ. => this is the place to be to stay current about new Salesforce CPQ features!!!

I see a lot of frustrated Salesforce consultants wanting to get certified, but not finding their way to the correct learning resources, and contacting me that my links are broken… Even on the TrailBlazer community a lot of frustrations are posted about this. I don’t know why Salesforce has not made sure that EVERYTHING was ported over to help and training and set up the correct redirections, so this transitions would have been smoother for everybody, but they will have had a reason 😉

Good news for all you out there wanting to become a Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist and honor goes to SIMPLUS that was just in time to create the following eBook which contains almost everything that was hosted on the old Community!


Download the Simplus Salesforce CPQ StudyGuide here!


Big Kudos to Simplus and I’m pretty sure that Gilles Muys (former Technical Architect Steelbrick) had something to do with it, so you can trust the contents!

UPDATED 15/02/2020: I was honored by Don Robins to record a Pluralsight Salesforce Play-By-Play Course: Demystifying Salesforce CPQ. Check it out now!