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Salesforce Einstein Analytics Demo @SFBelgiumUG

Yesterday Tuesday, April 28th we hosted our very first Virtual User Group session ever and with success (we hope…). Yes, these corona times can work on our nerves, depriving us of social contact and seeing our friends, family, colleagues, and our Salesforce Ohana especially 🙁 BUT it also pushes group leaders to be creative, take new measures in reaching their audience and trying new things out!

After a short introduction by User Group leader Michaël de Feyter, the session kicked off with an attendance of 38 attendees, watching, listening attentively and learning from the comfort of their homes.

The session was all about a specific part of the Salesforce Einstein Suite: Einstein Analytics

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Warning: Delete operation through Salesforce API does not perform a check between record ids and the object type!

I’ve been working with Salesforce for ten years now, doing countless data loads and DML operations, and only today I found out about this! Thank you Tony Spelkens for pointing this out to me.

So we all know that through dataloader we can perform multiple actions like insert, upsert, update, export and of course DELETE.

Now when you chose one of those actions, the first step of dataloader actually asks you on which object you want to perform your operation on:

So you would think that, when you select your CSV containing the ids you would like to delete the records from, Salesforce would check down the road that the ids are actually of the corresponding chosen object?

The short answer is NO, it doesn’t!

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Renewed as Salesforce MVP. Thank YOU!

I’m so happy and thankful to have been renewed as a Salesforce MVP for a third year!

Getting this email in my inbox, blows my mind each and every time again 😉

I was lucky enough 10 years ago, that something called ‘Salesforce’ crossed my path and that I have gotten to know the Trailblazer Community.

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Demystifying Salesforce CPQ on Pluralsight with Don Robins

Salesforce Play-by-Play: Demystifying Salesforce CPQ” was published TODAY!

I’ve been a long and satisfied customer of Pluralsight (Online IT learning platform) mostly watching the multiple courses on Salesforce. But as a Salesforce consultant, Pluralsight also offers me learning material to broaden my knowledge on all things consulting: gathering requirements, SCRUM & Agile methodologies, Software Development best practices, Release Management tips & tricks, or just any other IT-related topic that can broaden my knowledge and put it into practice in my day-to-day consulting job.

I especially adore the Salesforce Play-by-Play series that Don Robins offers because they provide me with deep topic-focused insights, best practices on Salesforce features that I’m less familiar with. They are clear, concise, topic focussed, informal courses with industry experts like Salesforce MVPs, CTOs, Managers, Admins, and Developers sharing their profound knowledge.

I was honored when Don approached me last year to collaborate with me on a course providing a deeper understanding of Salesforce CPQ called “Demystifying Salesforce CPQ“.

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Best Salesforce Chrome Extensions in Lightning for Administrators

If you frequently work within the Salesforce Lightning Platform, you’ve probably noticed that there are tons of Chrome extensions for Salesforce that can be installed to ease the life of Salesforce Administrators, Salesforce Developers, and Business Users. But which ones have a proven track record amongst Salesforce Professionals and are actually still working in Lightning Experience?

This post lists the Salesforce Chrome Extensions that my colleagues and I use on a daily basis and are Lightning compatible! So, let’s dive in.

best salesforce chrome extensions

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My Trailblazer Story

Being part of the Salesforce Trailblazer Community I’ve met some very interesting Salesforce enthusiasts over the years. The best part is they come in all different shapes, from different backgrounds and have achieved fantastic results with the Platform. They’ve become friends, shared their knowledge online and offline, meet in the weirdest places and have one passion in common: The Salesforce Trailblazer Community.

Those people explain how they became a Trailblazer and you’ll find their stories by searching for the hashtag #myTrailblazerStory on Twitter

Here is mine! Enjoy!

Modifying columns in Potential Duplicates Component

I was searching the web on how to modify the columns shown in the Potential Duplicates Lightning Component but didn’t find too much useful information. Mathias Del Maso finally found out how to do it, so I thought to share this. Thanks, Mathias for bringing this to my attention.

Out of the box, Salesforce provides your Org with Duplicate Management rules to make sure you aren’t creating duplicate leads, contacts and/or accounts.

Of course, you can add your own matching rules, but it’s also important that your users see the right fields to actually identify if we are talking about a real duplicate record or not.

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My Dreamforce ’18 Experience

Dreamforce, what can I say…one of the best experiences of the year!

From September 25th to 28th 2018, the largest IT conference took place in San Francisco: Salesforce’s DREAMFORCE, and I was lucky enough to be part of this fantastic experience for the second time together with some of my 4C colleagues and customers!

Dreamforce 18 Atmosphere pictures

Dreamforce as a learning experience

First and for most, as a consultant, you go to Dreamforce to LEARN! It’s four days of learning about new features, getting hands-on, ask experts & product managers about all things Salesforce! Get sneak-peaks about what’s coming in the next releases, so you are up-to-speed and are able to support your customers better!

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UPDATED Study Resources Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification!!

So, I had one of the most-read blog posts from the last 2 years, ever since Salesforce acquired Steelbrick CPQ: Tips for passing the Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification

My post was even referenced in the Offical Salesforce CPQ Admin Essentials for Experienced Administrators (CPQ-211) course, which was an honor for me, for the time it lasted 😉

But Last month Salesforce decided to decommission the old Steelbrick Community to which almost all my links were pointing, so that post became totally useless now 🙁 #SadFace and integrate it all into the Help and Training portal for CPQ. => this is the place to be to stay current about new Salesforce CPQ features!!!

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