Modifying columns in Potential Duplicates Component

I was searching the web on how to modify the columns shown in the Potential Duplicates Lightning Component but didn’t find too much useful information. Mathias Del Maso finally found out how to do it, so I thought to share this. Thanks, Mathias for bringing this to my attention. Out of the box, Salesforce provides […]

How to grow from Junior Consultant to Senior Salesforce Consultant effectively

Moving up the consulting ladder is no longer a matter of the years you are working. It’s all about the work you do, the network you build, the contacts you make, and the attitude you have to excel and advance. Moreover, your ability to empower, support, and coach others! Advancing from a junior position to […]

The not-so-scary Visualforce Email Template as Order Confirmation Email

Almost every Salesforce admin knows how to create an email template which can then be used in Workflow Rules, Process Builder, Visual Flow or just manually from the “Send email” button in the activity history related list. Actually when creating an email template you’ve got 4 options: Text HTML (with a letterhead) Custom (without using […]

Creating Conditional Custom Buttons in Salesforce: some use cases

As a Salesforce Admin you sometimes wish you could create a custom button on an object that does one thing depending on a certain condition or does something else if the condition is not met. This is possible but mostly requires some javascript knowledge. A lot of new admins, including myself at one time, depend […]

A lesser known Visualforce pageBlock attribute called “mode”

For those of you who create Visualforce pages to extend default Salesforce functionality and who want to be as close to the standard layouts of the user interface, this little baby might come in handy to know ???? When you create a pageBlock in VisualForce you might have noticed that the background is LIGHT GRAY […]