Must-Attend Salesforce Events in 2024: Your Ultimate Guide To Fantastic Learning Experiences

Must-Attend Salesforce Events in 2024
Whether you're a developer, a marketer, a Salesforce consultant, or a passionate Salesforce user, here is an overview of Salesforce Events in 2024 tailored just for you. Find the perfect conference to network, learn new skills, and stay up-to-date with the latest Salesforce innovations.

Must Attend Salesforce events community

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Types of Salesforce Events

Salesforce Events By Type

Overview Of Salesforce Community Conferences and Networking Events

  • Cactusforce: Perfect for Salesforce developers, architects, and configurators. Experience this vibrant community conference both online and in Arizona, US.
  • Japan Dreamin’: A ‘glocal’ Salesforce event in Japan, where Trailblazers from various regions can network and learn.
  • Albanian Dreamin‘: Meet Trailblazers in Tirana, Albania for networking and learning.
  • MidAtlanticDreamin‘: Held in Philadelphia, PA, US, this is a hot spot for seasoned Salesforce professionals.
  • Kiwi Dreamin‘: A community-led conference in New Zealand.
  • Texas Dreamin‘: A Texas-sized event celebrating the Salesforce Ohana, located in Texas, US.
  • India Dreamin‘: A comprehensive Salesforce experience in India with panels, keynotes, and live demos.
  • London’s Calling: One of the first and biggest Dreamin’ events in Europe, hosted in London, UK.
  • French Touch Dreamin‘: In the Capital of Love, Paris, a conference for all Salesforce enthusiasts
  • YeurDreamin‘: Targeted to an audience based in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg, this conference attracts speakers and attendees from all over the world and its hosting location moves around, so you can make a holiday out of it and discover some hidden country gems.
  • CzechDreamin: Get pumped for an amazing, community-driven extravaganza focused on Salesforce technology in the Czech Republic! This isn’t just a local affair—it’s a one-day, English-language bonanza open to EVERYONE, regardless of where you’re from! Don’t miss out!
  • Buckeye Dreamin:  Buckeye Dreamin’ is Ohio’s jam-packed conference for Salesforce Admins, Developers, and Users. It will be held in Columbus, Ohio, US.
  • Dreamin’ In Color: Dreamin’ In Color is a conference geared toward current or aspiring Black Salesforce professionals to discuss how to succeed, overcome obstacles, and grow thriving careers and businesses in the Salesforce ecosystem. Open to all people who support the development and growth of Black Salesforce professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Southeast Dreamin‘: Located in the Atlanta area, and spanning two days, attendees will get to experience hands-on trainings, sessions on a wide variety of Salesforce topics, keynotes from exciting members of the community, and much more!
  • Tahoe Dreamin: Tahoe Dreamin’ is an annual community-led Salesforce conference that is held in Lake Tahoe, on the border of California and Nevada.
  • Midwest Dreamin‘: “The event that started it all!”. In 2011, Eric Dreshfield organized the very first Midwest Dreamin, where 100 Salesforce enthusiasts descended upon Louisville for a full day of Salesforce community learning. Since then, Dreamin’ events have popped up all over the world. 
  • WITness Success: Empower, support, and invest in Salesforce Women in Tech user group members & leaders with a 2-day event.
  • Mile High Dreamin: Mile High Dreamin’ is Colorado’s biggest annual conference, hosted by multiple front-range Trailblazer Community Groups, where our goal is to help everyone thrive in the Salesforce economy.
  • North Africa Dreamin‘: in Casablanca to boost your knowledge with international experts and meet the main Salesforce players in Morocco, Africa, Europe, and North America.
  • Florida Dreamin‘: Florida Dreamin’ is a community-led Salesforce conference designed to bring you relevant content, training, and opportunity right in, you guessed it… FLORIDA

Snowy and Chilly Salesforce Events

  • Snowforce: A unique event in Utah, US, combining skiing, snowshoeing, and Salesforce networking.

Developer-Centric Salesforce Events

  • TrailblazerDX: A haven for Salesforce developers, administrators, architects, and students, set in San Francisco, US.
  • Forcelandia: Your favorite Salesforce Developer-Oriented Community Event in Portland, OR

Education and Specialized Events

  • Education Summit: Texas, US. Featuring 50+ sessions about the latest innovations in Salesforce for education.
  • DevOps Dreamin‘: The go-to event for DevOps in the Salesforce landscape, taking place in Chicago, IL, US.

Confirmed 2024 Salesforce Events By Month

Salesforce Events In January 2024

Salesforce Events In February 2024

Salesforce Events In March 2024

  • TrailheadDX 2024: the developer conference and learning event of the year, is heading back to San Francisco and Salesforce+ from March 6–7, 2024.

Salesforce Events In April 2024

Salesforce Events In May 2024

Salesforce Events In June 2024

Salesforce Events In July 2024

Salesforce Events In August 2024

Salesforce Events In September 2024

Salesforce Events In October 2024

Salesforce Events In November 2024

Salesforce Events In December 2024

Salesforce Events In March 2025

  • YeurDreamin‘: March 2025, exact date TBD, The Netherlands

Not seeing your event listed? Are you aware of a confirmed date that has not yet been published? Please let me know in the comments or contact me to update this post.



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