Salesforce Play-by-Play: Demystifying Salesforce CPQ” was published TODAY!

I’ve been a long and satisfied customer of Pluralsight (Online IT learning platform) mostly watching the multiple courses on Salesforce. But as a Salesforce consultant, Pluralsight also offers me learning material to broaden my knowledge on all things consulting: gathering requirements, SCRUM & Agile methodologies, Software Development best practices, Release Management tips & tricks, or just any other IT-related topic that can broaden my knowledge and put it into practice in my day-to-day consulting job.

I especially adore the Salesforce Play-by-Play series that Don Robins offers because they provide me with deep topic-focused insights, best practices on Salesforce features that I’m less familiar with. They are clear, concise, topic focussed, informal courses with industry experts like Salesforce MVPs, CTOs, Managers, Admins, and Developers sharing their profound knowledge.

I was honored when Don approached me last year to collaborate with me on a course providing a deeper understanding of Salesforce CPQ called “Demystifying Salesforce CPQ“.

In this course, “Salesforce Play-by-Play: Demystifying Salesforce CPQ”, we showcase and explain what Salesforce CPQ is, how it can be administered and configured to create complex structured Quotes and how it handles even the most complex pricing logic. We review some differences and advantages of Salesforce CPQ, as an extension of Sales Cloud, and compare it with native functionality for product bundling, quoting and discounting in Salesforce. By the end of the course, you’ll have learned some best practices, everyday do’s and don’ts, and what to watch out for as a Salesforce Administrator or Product & Pricing Manager when deploying your CPQ configuration to other environments. You’ll also understand some of the implications of using standard automation features like Workflow Rules, Process Builder and Apex Triggers in conjunction with CPQ automation logic such as Product Rules & Price Rules.

We cover the following topics in-depth:

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Special thanks to Don Robins for giving me this awesome opportunity. It was quite a challenge to fit all that useful information into 2 hours, but a fun experience!

Hope you enjoy it!

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