My Dreamforce ’18 Experience

Dreamforce, what can I say…one of the best experiences of the year!

From September 25th to 28th 2018, the largest IT conference took place in San Francisco: Salesforce’s DREAMFORCE, and I was lucky enough to be part of this fantastic experience for the second time together with some of my 4C colleagues and customers!


Dreamforce as a learning experience

First and foremost, as a consultant, you go to Dreamforce to LEARN! It’s four days of learning about new features, getting hands-on, and asking experts and product managers about all things Salesforce! Get sneak-peaks about what’s coming in the next releases, so you are up-to-speed and are able to support your customers better!

With more than 2600 sessions to choose from, my interest this year was focused to all things Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Billing and Lightning Roadmap! So if you’ve got any questions on those topics, I’ll probably be able to answer most of them f4ee983b f3ff 4fd4 8718 fa9c607f0610

#DF18: THE Place To Network

Nothing beats expanding your network at Dreamforce! Talking to potential prospects, meeting and chatting with my fellow Salesforce MVPs and Community Group Leaders in-person, visiting other partners & AppExchange vendors with whom we could collaborate in the future. It’s all part of the magic!

I’ve had the chance to meet and take some pictures of my biggest idols. People that have had a very big impact on my life and career! People like Steve Molis, Rakesh Gupta, Don Robins and of course David Liu (who was awarded the first-ever Golden Hoodie for Developers this year!! Big Kudos!)


Talking about Community Group Leaders. As a Group Leader of Belgium, Brussels Administrator Community Group I attended the Community State Of The Union on Tuesday, where more than 400 Community Leaders from all over the world gathered to share tips and tricks & learn from each other on how to expand our reach!

3 Major announcements grabbed my attention:

  • Developer User Groups are now officially part of the Trailblazer Community Groups! (About time I would say f4ee983b f3ff 4fd4 8718 fa9c607f0610  )
  • The Community Team will be Marketing User groups worldwide, which means bigger exposure and awareness! So you’ll see and hear more about us in the future!
  • A new Community Events platform has been started: Bevy! => be sure to join the Belgium User Group on the new platform

And as a member of the organizing team of our very own and first Benelux Community event YeurDreamin’, Dreamforce was the place to be to promote our event, find some potential sponsors and speakers and get the full support of the Salesforce Community Management Team! (Erika Kuhl, Senior Director of Community at Salesforce)


So be sure to bookmark June 14th, 2019, Amsterdam in your calendar and follow us on Twitter @Yeurdreamin or visit the Yeurdreamin’ website for more information!

Having FUN at Salesforce Dreamforce


After a long and fruitful day of learning, jamming content into your brains, you need to have some fun right. Every day there are parties hosted by Salesforce, ISV’s, Partners and Consulting companies. The list is too long to name here f4ee983b f3ff 4fd4 8718 fa9c607f0610 But you can be sure you won’t get bored in the evening! Here are some pictures & video’s to give you an overview and apparently my User Group Co-Leader Michael had some wild dreams f4ee983b f3ff 4fd4 8718 fa9c607f0610


IMG 1257

QUIP Party with Macklemore

That night when Macklemore crowd surfs wearing @SteveMoForce amazing jacket at #DF18


Last but not least. If you are a big Salesforce fanatic, like me, you want to grab a lot of SWAG! So here is a picture of the swag I was able to collect during my stay at Dreamforce this year f4ee983b f3ff 4fd4 8718 fa9c607f0610

IMG 1243

Note that although it was fun getting a MEGA Codey, it was a nightmare to get him on the plane to Brussels f4ee983b f3ff 4fd4 8718 fa9c607f0610 but Codey made it! If you want to meet with Codey, you can find him at 4C office in Mechelen f4ee983b f3ff 4fd4 8718 fa9c607f0610


Looking forward to Dreamforce next year which will take place November 19th – 22th 2019! See you all there!



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